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North Dakota Archaeology

Journal of the North Dakota Archaeological Association

Journal News

As of October 2020, Volume 9 (2019) of North Dakota Archaeology has been mailed to members! Many thanks to those who submitted articles, to the peer reviewers, to the NDAA board, and Series Editor Brooke Morgan.

Submission Information

The peer-reviewed journal North Dakota Archaeology is seeking manuscripts that focus on the archaeology and culture history of North Dakota and adjoining states and provinces, or on methodological and theoretical issues in Northern Plains archaeology.


Previous volumes have included:

  • Site reports from Manitoba, Minnesota, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, and Wyoming

  • Historical retrospectives (e.g. River Basin Surveys)

  • Syntheses of regional settlement, subsistence, interaction, and technology


The style guide is the same format used by Plains Anthropologist/SAA, and is available online:


Those interested in submitting a manuscript for review should contact Brooke Morgan (Series Editor) at the Illinois State Museum (

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